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Recreation complex

Area: 30,900 sq/m (3.09 hectares)

On the site there are 14 cottage buildings (9 completed, 1 unfinished, 4 foundations of buildings) 2×75 sq/m, gray finish, ecological finish of buildings – close to the ancient fishing village

The recreation complex is located 500 meters from the Baltic Sea.

The complex of recreation from the sea is separated by 100-150 meters of pine forest.

The place is ideal so that between the sea and the recreation complex construction is prohibited.

The recreation complex has 3.09 hectares of land. Cadastral measurements were made and approved in 2005. In 2009, a detailed plan of the territory was prepared and approved. In 2016, the topography of the territory was agreed and approved. The general plan of the territories has been prepared.


9 buildings built (completion level – 95%) And you can build 5 more buildings (completion – 10%).

The appearance of buildings

The roof, attic walls insulated with stone cotton wool. The roof and exterior of the attic are additionally covered with OSB, then covered with two layers of Mida bitumen coating and finishing boards. Planned windows – wood outside covered with aluminum. Some elements of the outer facade (casket, ventilation and stone exterior chimney) are covered with copper.

Buildings inside

The interior masonry of the house – silicate brick, ceiling – reinforced concrete, foundations – concrete blocks. Inside sewage pipes (cold – warm water) were carried out. On the first and second floors there is a heated floor. It is planned to install geothermal heat pumps for heating buildings and for the preparation of hot water. Connected to electricity. The floors are covered with a concrete layer and ready to finish. The walls are plastered. The ceiling of the second floor is covered with drywall. The mantelpiece is mounted.

Outdoor communications

Water supply is a well. Water and sewer pipes were carried out. The recreation complex has electricity (power is 32 kW). There are permits and technical conditions for capacity of up to 161 kW.

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