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Sold to Latvian company. The company owns the Solar Park (solar plant)

Sold to Latvian company. Established in June 2014, the Charter capital 70 000 euros. The owner of 100% of the shares is a citizen of Latvia. The company owns the Solar Park (solar plant). Land 2.25 hectares are located in the Bernati resort zone, 9 km from Liepāja and 90 from Klaipėda, 800 metres to sea, excellent beach, land tax- EUR 22 per year. The land is not laid, and the company has no debts.


Power of power Plant-17 KW (1 inverter SMA), 80 solar panels IBC Solar (Bosh) 260W = 20.8 KW, German aluminium posts “Schletter”, Germany, Earth, all insured. Inverter Capital House on the concrete foundation of the 10. Electricity is sold through the Nord Pool Spot Exchange. The station transformer allows for a free increase in total capacity to 100KW (17 + 83), and there is a project and a signed contract (technical conditions). There is also a focused architectural design that has been agreed upon by all authorities on the 360KW. General authorization from the Ministry of the Economy for the construction of a solar park with a capacity of 1MW. The park is protected by a 1.8 m perimeter fence, video surveillance with recording and remote viewing (3 IP Camera). Electronic security, time of arrival of the crew/guard machine-5 min. Convenient access road.


Price of all assets, incl. Company-125 000 euros.


Parcel Price, incl. All equipment, but without company (legal entity)-110 000 euros
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