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Historical sanatorium of Liepaja

Historical sanatorium of Liepaja an area of 2485 sq/m a plot of land 13 205 sq/m in the Seaside Park of Liepaja. Possible to build medical offices and hotels in several floors (permissible density of building 30%, that is, additionally to an existing building of about 3000 sq/m with the foundation) and the possibility to rent 8,000 sq/m of government land towards the sea. Been developed real estate’s draft project for complex, medical offices and hotels.

The first sanatorium of Liepaja built in 1860 and named the bathing of Tsar Nicholai. This place is close to the sea on wooden stilts and had direct access to the sea.

Sanatorium was built in 1902, designed by M.P. Bertschi. Customer was Liepaja’s City Council with little funding from the All-Russian Society of resorts and balneology. Main architectonic value of building is Roman style columns and Kopolo roof, through which shines a geometrically oriented daylight.

Before World War I, Bathing offered baths with heated sea water, steam baths, contrast baths (warm + cold). In some days, it worked as a public bath and with sanitary doctor. In one year, it provided from 8 to 11 thousand baths. Before World War I there were 54 fixed baths and 25 additional baths. In 1925 were discovered healing abilities of mud from Liepaja’s Lake. They were used for the treatment of visitors in sanatorium, mainly for joint diseases, radiculitis, etc. After World War II, the work of sanatorium was restored in 1946 and it was the property of the USSR Ministry of Health with possibility for residents to be treated there from all over the USSR.

In Liepaja was discovered dungeon lake with a very high degree of mineralization. Water contains bromide and it is used in various neuropsychiatric diseases. Placement of sanatorium in the park near the sea is beneficial for people with lung disease, since it is under the influence of the ruling south-west winds, filled with ozone and ion of iodine.

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